1. Sign into your Phanerus Account via a desktop computer.

2. Under Payment and Prices menu select invoices.

3. Within the invoice page select currency.

4. Add a service to the invoice using the next drop down such as bulk SMS, shortcodes, longcode or ewallet.

5. Type the quantity next to the selected service for ewallet write the wallet amount.

6. Next to Payment from, type your personal or business address.

7. Click Generate invoice.

8. You get redirected to the pending payments page.

9. Click on the checkout button next to the service you just generated an invoice for.

10. Continue to Nairapay and pay at the interswitch gateway using your Naira Mastercard.

Get Started

11. To make a direct bank tranfer, note your new invoice's ID then under the Payment and Prices menu select buy credits.

12. Make a direct bank deposit to either the GTB, Zenith or First bank accounts.

13. Select Bank Payment / transfer under the recharge menu.

14. Select the mode of payment Cash,Cheque or EFT.

15. Select the required service.

16. Bank and address of branch.

17. Type payment reference and invoice number.

18. With amount paid.

18. Notify the accounts dept by clicking the button.