1. Sign into your Phanerus Account via mobile or desktop computer.

2. Ensure you have eWallet credits if you don't top up your ewallet

3. For Desktop : Select Airtime and Data (eStore) under Payments and Prices or select eStore directly from the dashboard.

4. For Mobile : Select eStore button directly from the mobile dashboard.

5. For Desktop : Click top up next to your network of choice.

6. For Mobile : Click top up next to your network of choice.

7. Click continue next data topup.

8. Select bundle type from radio buttons daily, 30 days, 60 days or 180 days.

9. Select bundle size from drop down 750MB. 1Gig, 7Gig, 12Gig, 24Gig, 100Gig.

10. Type GSM number.

11. Click recharge.

12. Your request will be forwarded to the network and your ewallet balance debited if it is successful.

13. The phone will receive the bundle top up and an email confirming the purchase will be sent from the Phanerus eStore.

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